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Help Nerd Girl Yarns Move To A New Studio!

As my followers are aware, because I post lots of pictures, I am a huge fan of Nerd Girl Yarns. The yarn is of the highest quality, the colorways are stunningly beautiful, and the woman behind it all, Christa, is the sweetest sweetheart on earth. She is not just willing to correspond with her customers, she’s delighted to offer advice regarding yarn, colors, fiber, and methods of crochet, knitting, and weaving. She creates beautiful yarn in tribute to nerdy fandoms in TV and movies, runs some of the best yarn/fiber clubs on the internet, and generally just rocks. I have a lot of Nerd Girl Yarn because it is among the very best (you can see some of it pictured above).

Delightfully, NGY continues to grow in popularity. That’s wonderful! Christa deserves it! But because of that growing popularity and demand, she needs to move into a bigger space. The link up top is to her Fundrazr page; she’s trying to raise the funds to move to a proper commercial studio space (currently operations are run out of her home) within 30 days. There are 19 days left on the fundraiser, and quite a ways to go to reach goal.

Dearest followers and fellow knitters: PLEASE DONATE IF YOU CAN. There are incentives and prizes offered at every level, from a $5 donation to a $1000 donation. The incentives are FABULOUS. If you can’t, or won’t, donate, please share the link somehow. 

There is a long message on the Fundrazr site explaining exactly why this move is happening now and how the money will be used. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help Christa raise the funds to move into a professional space. And thank you for reading.

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    Dude. I have bought TARDIS yarn from this lady. Support.
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