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why does it matter if you have credit on the tags? you didn't make the gifset..?

Here, have a handy-dandy guide to tagging etiquette. From it:

Tags are forms of expression, just like fics, gifsets and photosets. Just because it’s in a tag section doesn’t mean the author shouldn’t get credit for writing it! I always credit long meta tags, because a lot of work went into them. Tumblr etiquette! If it’s a quick or funny tag that’s clearly a joke or something, then crediting isn’t always necessary. But if it’s long meta tags or tag fics, then you should credit! Everyone has their own way, but I write it as (via ______) and then I write the author’s name and link back to them. 

Those are my thoughts in those tags, Anon Who Is Clearly The Girl Who Removed The Tag Credit. I came up with them, I wrote them down, and then Jamie read them and liked them and reblogged them, giving the author of them credit — just like you’d credit a quote. 

You did not have those thoughts, Credit-Removing Anon, and not only do you not get to take credit for them, you especially do not have the right to remove the credit from the post as it already exists. The post you reblogged did have the (via stoprobbers) credit on it, which means when you reblogged it you intentionally removed my name from my work. And that is not only rude, it’s repulsive. 

Not. Cool. Period. 

  1. allrightfine said: Oh man, this drives me up the fucking WALL. Once someone actually attributed my tags TO SOMEONE ELSE. Like someone reblogged, left my tags on, and then someone else pulled out the tags and credited THEM.
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